Online Survey from the Society of Civil War Historians

Online Survey from the Society of Civil War Historians

The Society of Civil War Historians Executive Board has created a short online survey to solicit feedback about their organization and about the affiliated journal (i.e. The Journal of the Civil War Era). If you subscribe to the journal and/or are a member of the SCWH, please take a few minutes to complete it. The feedback is anonymous, and it will help the SCWH and the JCWE team learn more about how we can best serve those who study the Civil War era. Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to hearing from each of you!

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  1. I just took the survey–then it occurred to me that I might not have been very eloquent about things. I know the conferences are held in the East because that is where most members are, but even the Civil War Trust just did a FB podcast about the War in California. Let’s do that! Since CA is huge, there should be 2 conferences, one north, one south. There are lovely venues in both areas, and the CWT can give you some ideas for local tours. I am not affiliated with any college or university. I am what Megan Kate calls a “free-range historian,” so any travel is on my personal dime. Being more local would certainly help some of us. Thanks!

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