June 2015 (vol. 5, no. 2)

June 2015 (vol. 5, no. 2)

Volume 5, Number 2

June 2015

Tom Watson Brown Book Award

Ari Kelman

Remembering Sand Creek on the Eve of Its Sesquicentennial


Cathal Smith

Second Slavery, Second Landlordism, and Modernity: A Comparison of Antebellum Mississippi and Nineteenth-Century Ireland

D. H. Dilbeck

“The Genesis of This Little Tablet with My Name”: Francis Lieber and the Wartime Origins of General Orders No. 100

Millington W. Bergeson-Lockwood

“We Do Not Care Particularly about the Skating Rinks”: African American Challenges to Racial Discrimination in Places of Public Amusement in Nineteenth-Century Boston, Massachusetts

Review Essay

Scott Reynolds Nelson

Who Put Their Capitalism in My Slavery?

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