December 2012 (vol. 2, no. 4)

December 2012 (vol. 2, no. 4)

The Journal of the Civil War Era

Volume 2, Number 4
December 2012



Mark Fleszar

“My Laborers in Haiti are not Slaves”: Proslavery Fictions and a Black Colonization Experiment on the Northern Coast, 1835-1846

Jarret Ruminski

“Tradyville”: The Contraband Trade and the Problem of Loyalty in Civil War Mississippi

K. Stephen Prince

Legitimacy and Interventionism: Northern Republicans, the “Terrible Carpetbagger,” and the Retreat from Reconstruction

Review Essay

Roseanne Currarino

Toward a History of Cultural Economy

Professional Notes

T. Lloyd Benson

Geohistory: Democratizing the Landscape of Battle


Book Reviews

Books Received

Notes on Contributors


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