Farewell to Founding Digital Editor of Muster!

Farewell to Founding Digital Editor of Muster!

June has been a period of transitions. With the postponement of SCWH conference until next year, Muster, too, has undergone a major editorial transition—the first of its kind—the departure of Kristen Epps. As I step into this role, I am forever grateful for her guidance throughout the process. In today’s Muster post, Kate Masur and Greg Downs, current JCWE editors offer some reflections on her foundational role in developing this digital space.

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Kristen Epps became the journal’s founding digital editor in 2016. Understanding the importance of an online presence for the journal and the benefit of a platform that is nimbler and more accessible than the journal itself, Kristen worked with editor Judith Giesberg to bring Muster into existence. During her time as digital editor, Kristen made Muster a vibrant place for commentary about the Civil War Era and news from the journal. Drawing on the talents of our field correspondents, she has published articles that represent the breath of coverage that the JCWE journal aspires to. She has also been a stalwart advocate for the print journal, taking to social media to publicize new issues, interview authors, and solicit articles on teaching. We have especially appreciated her strong advocacy for women and people of color in this field. She has sought out authors who might not have seen this journal as a place to publish — and topics that have been traditionally but unfortunately marginal to the “Civil War Era” — and featured them on the site. We are so grateful for Kristen’s work and for her leadership, and we wish her well in her new position at Kansas State, as history faculty and editor of the journal Kansas History. We’re also delighted that Kristen leaves Muster in the skillful and energetic hands of Hilary Green, whom we welcomed last month as the new digital editor.

Thank you, Kristen!

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